This is the homepage for amusewiki, a library-oriented wiki engine. Amusewiki is more than just a wiki engine, it's also a powerful authoring, archiving and publishing platform.

Amusewiki is 100% free software. You can download it at github or save time, energy and troubles and install it on Debian/Ubuntu with the packages provided at

Why would I want this engine and not MediaWiki / Drupal / WordPress / whatever?

Amusewiki is not a clone of existing CMS. It was created to manage and edit large amounts of texts (books and articles) with a special focus on quality, printing and first rate reading experience. See /library/rationale to understand its architecture.

If you only need a CMS for a fancy site, amusewiki is not for you.

Instead, you should consider amusewiki if:

  • You want high-quality output (EPUB and PDF with LaTeX quality).

  • You want a site with a flat-file and Git backend for long-term archiving.

  • You want to be able to reformat the PDFs, merging texts into collections. Add a text and take a look at the bookbuilder

  • You want an OPDS server for mobile users to deliver the texts straight into the apps

  • You don't want or need fine-grained user permissions.

  • You don't want or need talks, comments, forums, social, etc embedded into the site.

See the feature list for more details.


Bookbuilder tutorial

An in-depth explanation of the bookbuilder is available here.

Debian and Ubuntu packages

Debian packages are available at! This is the fastest and recommended way to install amusewiki with no pain at all. Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is supported and the procedure and the packages are exactly the same.

Download and bug reports

The latest version is 2.014 and can be downloaded at github.

You are welcome to report old and new bugs and feature requests on the github bugtracker.

See the release pages for details about the released versions.

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