Missing features (so far)



A·Muse·Wiki (also spelled Amusewiki or amusewiki) is a library-oriented wiki engine and publishing platform. It can work as a read-only site, as a moderated wiki, or as a fully open wiki.

It strives to be simple and yet powerful enough for long-term archiving of texts.

Full support for high-quality printing of the texts is one of the core features.


  • User-friendly markup borrowed from Emacs Muse

  • Importing of HTML documents preserving most of the logical markup

  • Wide range of output formats, including high-quality PDF (via LaTeX) and EPUB

  • Automatic generation of PDF for printing, including imposition and crop marks

  • Collection creation and PDF reformatting, with plenty of layout options

  • Production of slides

  • Texts are stored under revision control with Git

  • Offline editing via Git

  • Fast and accurate full-text search (with many available options)

  • Multisite engine: on one instance you can run as many sites you want

  • Embedded OPDS server

  • Mail notifications

  • RSS feed

  • Localization via gettext (depending on the language, the coverage varies from complete to zero, but it's easy to add).

  • Multilanguage on the same site is supported

  • Syntax highlight via highlight.js

  • Automatic db upgrades

  • Packaged for debian with batteries included

Missing features (so far)

  • no talks, comments, etc.

  • no refined access control (only basic)

Every wiki has a sandbox, so here it is.

The code is written in Perl and is freely available (under the same terms as Perl itself) on github.


Beside the wiki engine itself, some perl modules were developed for this project and are available on CPAN.


The code is developed by Marco Pessotto (melmothx at gmail dot com).

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