Version 2.5

Security fix for untrusted remote repository (2021-06-05). File inclusion in Muse documents, extended API, configurable web chat, theme switcher, custom pages under /p/, language-specific fonts, OAI-PMH implementation, RTL support, annotations, collections, series and aggregations, bookcovers!

Version 2.4

Introducing nodes, ACME2 support, improved support for binary uploads, express publishing, custom category types (not limited to authors/topics), bookbuilder improvements, security fix

Version 2.3

Search suggestions (did you mean?), category manager, improvements to the build system (carton, vagrant)

Version 2.2

Faceted search, mirroring with /mirror.txt, improved anchors (Emacs Muse compatibility)

Version 2.1

Fine tuning of produced downloads, search engines optimization, parallel PDF compilation, secondary footnotes, improved editing user interface

Version 2.0

New font subsystem, edit screen customization, font-awesome, security fix, mass rebuilding, PDF metadata, custom formats

Version 1.9

New “blog-style” feature, which should make amusewiki suitable for a general purpose blog, new bookbuilder profiles and plenty of doc.

Version 1.8

Let's Encrypt built-in, /stats/popular, localization changes.

Version 1.7

Starting from version 1.700, amusewiki comes with an embedded OPDS server. Users on phones with applications for reading epubs should be able to browse, search and download the texts from inside the application. Tested applications: FBreader, Aldiko, Moon+ Reader. Apparently, desktop users can't really do anything useful with the OPDS, though.

Version 1.6

Bookbuilder partial texts and new options, code highlight, experimental Let's Encrypt support, installer and debian packages.