Version 1.826 (2016-06-12)

  • Adjusted the statistics under /stats/popular

  • Documentation fixes

  • Improved notifications on the upload process

  • Added documentation for 0-downtime upgrades

  • Debian packages now come with the 0-downtime upgrade feature built-in

Version 1.821 (2016-05-10)

  • Added reset password by mail (#48)

  • Added admin role which is able to set most of the site settings (#49)

  • Added experimental popular sorting (#44)

  • Add HTTP auth for robots on private sites (#50)

  • UI improvements (number of texts pending on the bookbuilder)

  • Updated translations: fr, it, hr

  • Updated documentation

Version 1.811 (2016-05-01)

  • Decoupled mail sending from the application [INTERNAL]

  • Optimized /opds/crawlable

  • Removed simp_le from the stack and use Protocol::ACME instead (see the Let's Encrypt section of the README)

  • Updated localization

If you are the simp_le cronjobs in place, please remove them, as the certificate renewal is already taken care of by the amusewiki daemon.

Version 1.801 (2016-04-22)

  • Added help page for OPDS

Version 1.800 (2016-04-22)

  • Decoupled the localization framework from the application

  • Completed translations: fr and mk.

  • Updated dependencies Text::Amuse and Text::Amuse::Preprocessor

The upgrade should be transparent, but please see LOCALIZATION.txt for details if you are using the lexicon.json file to override localization. Otherwise there is no action to take.