The 2.0 series does not bring any incompatibility or upgrade issues from the 1.x series.

Version 2.032 (2017-10-27)

  • Add opengraph support (#150)

  • Prevent chrome to complain for XSS when we supposedly know what we are doing (#151)

Version 2.031 (2017-10-14)

  • Provides /mirror, suitable for wget -m. Please note that the route is accessible if /git is enable as well (as both expose the repo tree). Of course private sites don't expose them to anonymous users. (#144)

  • Provide /listing, replacement for /library as title listing and use it in the navbars, providing sorting and pagination. (#142)

  • Add text details to search result (#142)

Version 2.030 (2017-10-08)

  • Updated and corrected I18N strings

  • Completed i18n for it and hr

Version 2.029 (2017-10-07)

  • Offer a ToC preview on listing (opt-in) (#130)

  • Register UI language per user and set it at login (#137)

  • Accurate (as much as possible) page count in bookbuilder and listing

This upgrade carries a two step DB upgrade (automatically managed)

Version 2.028 (2017-09-30)

  • Fix sticky teaser field in the db on line removal (minor bugfix)

  • Defer the generation of the static indexes to a low priority job (#134)

  • At startup, check if the fontspec.json files are good (#133)

Version 2.027 (2017-09-29)

  • Added option to create automatic teasers (opt-in)

  • Optimize all PNG images (thanks @labdsf)

Version 2.026 (2017-09-26)

  • Escape some invisible chars when doing the diff (#124)

  • Bump dependency on Text::Amuse with syntax improvements (lists obeying indexes and footnotes spanning more paragraphs)

  • I18N: added ru strings (thanks @labdsf)

  • Improved site exporting

  • Improved static generation (which now is localized and styled and comes with some buttons for sorting).

Version 2.025 (2017-08-20)

  • Add Cormorant Garamond fonts as dependency (packaged)

  • Bumped Text::Amuse::Compile dependency with improved CSS

  • Remove font-size option from EPUB definition

Version 2.024 (2017-07-29)

  • Add backlinks feature (#118)

  • Improve error handling for the new text form (#119)

  • Add option to turn links without description to vimeo/youtube/gmaps into widgets

  • Fix conditional nocoverpage feature brokens since 2.014 (#121)

Version 2.023 (2017-06-15)

  • Add documentation for installation on CentOS

  • Fixes to installation scripts

  • Add nofinalpage option to BB and custom formats (#117)

Version 2.022 (2017-05-23)

  • Do not show deferred titles without a teaser if the option for that feature is enabled.

Version 2.021 (2017-05-21)

  • Add full screen editor to editing page

  • Add an opt-in ordering by sku in the category pages

Version 2.020 (2017-05-17)

  • [SECURITY FIX] Fix potential HTML injection when external images are enabled. This is a real security issue if it's an openwiki and if the option is enabled.

  • Fix stemming when searching on multilanguage sites

  • Fix debian packages with missing dependencies

  • Fix failure on bookbuilder with cropmarks and "generic" papersize

  • Added a way to add captions to attached PDFs

  • Improved handling of thumbnails

  • Improved formatting of galleries (pages with multiple PDFs)

  • Added option to show the previews when the texts are still deferred

  • Routes for job status and download are now more strict and will not serve anything if the job belongs to an user.

  • Added json route to serve the raw headers of the muse file

  • Improved category text listing with widget for sorting/page size

Version 2.014 (2017-04-18)

  • Add a flag icon when there is an internal anchor

  • Support for hidden toc #notoc

Version 2.012 (2017-03-26)

  • Use thumbnails for listing (#102)

  • Add option to insert the image at the end of the body (#101)

  • Embed PDFs by splitting them in images (#101)

  • Improved PDF attachment layout (#100)

Version 2.011 (2017-03-12)

  • Improved handling of git pull jobs, which is now a bulk job and will not block the jobber longer than the time needed to compile a single text.

  • Support for <verbatim> tag to avoid the markup to be interpreted.

  • Reduce the cropmark offset to 1mm (using new PDF::Imposition release)

Version 2.010 (2017-02-04)

  • Show the git history to logged in even if hidden for anon (#94)

  • Define, show and handle custom formats (#92)

  • Fix mixed content on /user/edit (#93)

Version 2.001 (2017-01-20)

  • Fixed pagination problems when there are lots of texts with the same pubdate.

Version 2.000 (2016-12-19)

  • No code changes, promoted to version 2.0

  • Translations update

  • Documentation improvement (#91)

Version 1.995 (2016-11-25)

  • debian packages now get dbconfig-common support (#88)

  • fix eta for bulk jobs

  • make images accessible from any path (#89)

Version 1.993 (2016-11-14)

  • Add a rebuild action, both for a single text or the whole site (#87)

  • Add metadata to PDF #86

Newly generated PDF will have the metadata included in the file. If you want to rebuild all the existing, you can do so logging in as administrator and visiting /tasks/rebuild.

Version 1.992 (2016-11-05)

  • [SECURITY FIX] Fixed directory traversal on /git urls which discloses potentially private sites. Only sites with CGIT >= 0.11 are affected. Older versions (notably the one packaged by debian) are not affected.

Version 1.991 (2016-11-02)

  • Upgraded I18N files (it and hr)

Version 1.990 (2016-11-01)

  • Implement authorization without redirect #67

  • Permit customization of fonts (globally and per site) #57

  • Replaced font-awesome with glyphicons

  • Added customization for edit screen

The "webfonts" directory is now obsoleted and can be removed. It's been replaced by the fontspec.json file which should have been created automatically on restart.

This release is a public beta (but production ready) for AmuseWiki 2.0.