Custom fonts

Fine tuning for fonts in the downloadable files

Multi-language support

Hosting texts with different languages on an amusewiki instance

Integration with external sites

Embedding existing texts and creating new texts via API

Version 2.1

Fine tuning of produced downloads, search engines optimization, parallel PDF compilation

Version 2.0

New font subsystem, edit screen customization, font-awesome, security fix, mass rebuilding, PDF metadata, custom formats

The Text::Amuse markup manual The writer’s guide

Everything you have to know about the Text::Amuse markup. Last updated for version 0.90 (released on August 30, 2017).

Marco Pessotto
The bookbuilder: a tutorial

An in-depth exploration of the amusewiki's bookbuilder feature

Marco Pessotto
Working with footnotes

Some tips about working with large texts with a lot of footnotes