Site customization

Which files to add to the site repository to customize it

Amusewiki for system administrators

Essential things you have to know to manage Amusewiki on your servers

Version 2.3

Search suggestions (did you mean?), category manager, improvements to the build system (carton, vagrant)

Alexander Krotov
Hacking on AmuseWiki

How to setup a development environment

Version 2.2

Faceted search, mirroring with /mirror.txt, improved anchors (Emacs Muse compatibility)

Mirroring a site running AmuseWiki

How to download a whole amusewiki site, create a mirror and keep it updated


How to migrate one or more sites from an instance to another.

Version 2.1

Fine tuning of produced downloads, search engines optimization, parallel PDF compilation, secondary footnotes, improved editing user interface

Offline tools

Installation and explanation of the Text::Amuse tools