How do I modify a special page?

It works the same as for regular page, but the link is hidden. Just append /edit to the url of the page.

How do I create a special page?

Look into the account’s menu, there is an entry for that.

How do I create a landing page?

The page /special/index is twice special. It is assumed to be the default page to visit when loading the site’s root.

If your site doesn’t have that, just create a special page and assign the uri index.

If your site is multilanguage, you can create a language-specific landing page creating, e.g. /special/index-it, i.e., the URI index, a dash, and the locale code.

How do I delete a text?

Edit the text you want to unpublish and add this line to the header:

#DELETED Reason for deletion

You have to specify a reason, otherwise the line will have no effect. The ordering of the header’s lines (where there is #title, #lang, etc.) is irrelevant.

Then approve the change as it would be a normal publishing.

How do I purge a text?

Purging means removing it completely from the archive, not just hiding it.

First you have to unpublish it via #DELETED. After the approval of the change, it will appear under /console/unpublished. There is a big red button for each deleted text, and you can proceed with the purging.

How do I redirect to another page?

Changing urls is a poor practice. Anyway, if you know what you’re doing, you can delete an existing text and point to another adding a #DELETED directive in the text header with a special syntax:

#DELETED Redirect: new-example-uri

Please note: without any prefix nor protocol, just the bare page name. So if the full URL of the new text is, you have just to put new-example-uri in the header (as per the example above).

How do I create an introductory text for a topic or an author?

Visit the topic page and append /edit to the URL. Only logged in librarian are able to do this.