Enabling the language in the admin interface

Go to /admin/sites, edit, set the Locale and/or add the code to the Multilanguage setting.

Technical details (for developers)

See LOCALIZATION.txt in the root of the distribution.

This document also contains the procedure if you want to override the translation on a per-site basis.

Translating the interface (for translators/non-tech)

  1. Install Poedit.

  2. Go to https://github.com/melmothx/amusewiki/tags and download the latest. Unpack the archive and find the .po file with your language code in the lib/AmuseWikiFarm/I18N directory.

  3. Open the .po file with Poedit. Add the translations. Please preserve the %1, %2, in the message. They are placeholders for dynamic content. Save (of course). Send the .po file to melmothx (at) gmail (dot) com.


When a new release comes out, repeat from point 2 (unless you uninstalled Poedit in the meanwhile).