Marco Pessotto, Alexander Krotov
How to install Amusewiki

Installation and post-installation configuration for various OS

The Text::Amuse markup manual The writer’s guide

Everything you have to know about the Text::Amuse markup. Last updated for version 1.81 (1.81 March 29, 2022).

Font management

Fine tuning for fonts in the downloadable files and for languages

Creating a hidden service for amusewiki

How to configure a hidden service This guide describes how to create a Tor hidden service for your AmuseWiki instance. You should also be able to use i2p and Gnunet but those are untested.

Integration with external sites

Embedding existing texts, creating and editing texts via API

Templates and custom formats

Even if Amusewiki can be used as a blog or wiki engine, its prominent feature is the production of camera-ready PDFs. There are various ways you can affect the output. This article explains what to do if you need more control on the output.

Upstream bugs

Legacy page for older installations without the repackaged TeXlive! (amusewiki-texlive)

Site customization

Which files to add to the site repository to customize it

Amusewiki for system administrators

Essential things you have to know to manage Amusewiki on your servers

Alexander Krotov
Hacking on AmuseWiki

How to setup a development environment