Marco Pessotto
Creating slides

Amusewiki can be used as a system to create slides

Marco Pessotto
Rationale (second part)

Why amusewiki was written, again

Include remote files

How to update texts from remote content

Version 1.8

Let's Encrypt built-in, /stats/popular, localization changes.

Version 1.7

Starting from version 1.700, amusewiki comes with an embedded OPDS server. Users on phones with applications for reading epubs should be able to browse, search and download the texts from inside the application. Tested applications: FBreader, Aldiko, Moon+ Reader. Apparently, desktop users can't really do anything useful with the OPDS, though.

Marco Pessotto
The bookbuilder: a tutorial

An in-depth exploration of the amusewiki's bookbuilder feature

Version 1.6

Bookbuilder partial texts and new options, code highlight, experimental Let's Encrypt support, installer and debian packages.

Version 1.5

Slide generations and options in the bookbuilder

Version 1.4

Automatic DB upgrades and improved logging system